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A breakthrough year for BUDNER S.A.

A breakthrough year for BUDNER S.A.

In the last days of 2015, Budner S.A., one of key companies operating on the building market in Poland, appointed its new Management Board. The company will be managed by the previous management personnel, which for a dozen of years created the history of the Company’s success.

Since December 2015, the Management Board of BUNDER S.A. is formed by persons for many years actively participating in the process of its development and formation, Leszek Stankiewicz, Vice President and CFO and Jarosław Brzozowski, Member of the Management Board and COO. The position of the President of the Management Board was assumed by Gregor Sobisch, the previous Vice President, who has been associated with the company since the beginning of 2015.

In connection with the achievement of the planned development objectives by the Company, Mr Marek Budner sold his shares in the Company and resigned from the position of the President of the Management Board. His shares were taken over by the previous financial shareholder and people who for the last years formed the company together with Marek Budner, says Gregor Sobisch, President of the Management Board of Budner S.A. Our operations are based on further development of the Company to continue the previous path of growth and success of Budner S.A. Our previous profile will be supplemented by additional strategic operations which are to foster a quicker attainment of the assumed goals. The organization and qualified personnel, which constitute the greatest value of the Company, will remain unchanged. We have specific plans for the further development – the target structure is designed to finally make a debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange by the end of 2020.

The new Management Board will continue its development and operations in the previous area, focusing on provision of services of general contracting of construction which brought the Company its market fame and acknowledgement.

Budner S.A. was founded in 1991. Since then, the company has implemented many innovative and complex investment projects and established its position on the market building in Poland. Budner S.A. is the general contractor for 3D buildings, both residential and commercial ones (office, service and commercial buildings), and industrial facilities. Furthermore, the company implements developer’s projects in the housing construction as well as office and commercial buildings for rent. As part of its operations, Budner S.A. carries out „Design and Build” projects ordered by investors.

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