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Budner S.A. for Layetana Real Estate Polska

Budner S.A. for Layetana Real Estate Polska

Budner S.A. implements the sPlace Park housing investment project in the Żoliborz District,  Warsaw. The Company is the general contractor for the buildings at Przasnyska, in the area of Sady Żoliborskie.

At the beginning of May this year there was a commencement of the 2nd stage of the housing estate construction. Furthermore, Budner S.A. has already signed another contract with Ruscus Sp. z o.o. managed by Layetana Real Estate Polska Sp. z o.o. for implementation of the 3rd stage of the sPlace Park. It will be a well thought-out housing project created for a comfortable city life.

In the investment projects implemented by the company, Budner S.A. places a strong emphasis on the durability of the materials it uses to guarantee the highest possible quality of the technical solutions. This is how the sPlace Park is going to be – a combination of outstanding aesthetics, top quality materials and innovative solutions, fully coexisting with the surrounding nature. A modern design and top level finishing will make this investment project really prestigious, claims Jarosław Brzozowski, Member of the Management Board of Budner S.A.

sPlace Park consists of high, full of light suites with large balconies providing an enjoyable view of the nearest surroundings. The investment project is created by enthusiasts of the contemporary architecture for people appreciating comfort and calmness. The design was made by the Mąka.Sojka.Architekci studio.

The investment project is being built in a picturesque and lushly green part of the Żoliborz District, Warsaw, well-connected to other districts of the city. The first building was opened at the end of 2014 – there are 66 apartments (24-172 sq. m) The 2nd stage of the investment project, which involves building 86 apartments (34-139 sq. m), will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2017, while the 3rd stage of the sPlace Park, with 104 apartments and 8 commercial premises, was planned in the 1st quarter of 2018. All the buildings include 1-level underground car park – 1st stage: 108 parking places, 2nd and 3rd stage: 243 parking places, in total.

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