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BUDNER S.A. grows stronger

BUDNER S.A. grows stronger

In June this year Budner S.A., one of key companies operating on the building market in Poland, appointed Bastiaan Anthonie Izelaar to the position of President of the Management Board. Bastiaan Anthonie Izelaar is a person associated with the Group for years, creating the history of the Budner’s success and being responsible for its operational activities.

The Management Board of Budner S.A. is formed by persons for many years actively participating in the process of its development and formation – Leszek Stankiewicz, Vice President and CFO, Jarosław Brzozowski, Member of the Management Board and COO. Bastiaan Anthonie Izelaar took the position of the President of the Management Board. The founder and owner of Budner S.A. is Łukasz Komornicki, who continues the family tradition in the real estate industry started by his grandfather, Prot Komornicki and father, Krzysztof.

Many thanks to Gregor Sobisch, the previous President of the company for his large contribution in the work with our company and leading it through a difficult period of transformation, says Łukasz Komornicki from Budner S.A. Effective expansion of the potential and the company’s competitive advantage affect the development of Budner S.A., which makes us enter into new and technologically complex contracts in Poland and abroad. These objectives will be pursued by the new President, who will implement the assumptions of the global growth strategy.

The Management Board will continue its development and operations in the previous area, focusing on provision of services of general contracting of 3D construction works, which brought the market fame and acknowledgement to the company. The company observes a dynamic growth in new segments of the market e.g. in infrastructure, and plans to go international.

Bastiaan Anthonie Izelaar – experienced manager and businessman, born in the Netherlands. He worked in large corporations, being responsible for financial matters: KPMG, Holland Intertrust, BDO, Jason S.A.M., Amicorp S.A.M.

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